Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience the Avondale Golf Course for the Month of March. Your hospitality was unbelievable, the golf course and the food facilitates were outstanding; we also went to taco night 3 times and pasta night twice. Thanks again and we miss the golf course already as us Canadians still have snow on the ground.
Alex Rezansoff and Dan Jmaeff (Trial Members 2017)

We moved to Avondale Golf Club a little over five years ago and were immediately welcomed into the Avondale family. We were drawn to the breathtaking golf course which was lush and lined with mature trees offering shade and comfort from the desert sun. The course proved to be a fun yet challenging golfing experience always leaving us looking forward to the next round. Since then the course has provided a daily source of fun and sport and the family has grown into friendships that will last a life time.
Joe Gingerich and Alexis Himes (Members since 2009)

The "welcoming" members and the staff at Avondale Golf Club made us feel right at home. We have been here nearly 3 years but were welcomed and included in events from the beginning.  Barb especially enjoys the golf course and that women can play just about any time. The staff in all areas of the club are friendly and very helpful. One favorite event is "Sundowners" on Sunday afternoons where we have been teamed with 2 other couples for a 9 hole shotgun and dinner. Another is the Thursday afternoon scramble in the summer which ends with all participants gathering at a member's home for a potluck and awarding the winners of the day's event. We are happy that we are part of such a great community.
Mike & Barb McCarty (Members since 2012)

Jon and I joined Avondale 15 years ago when we were both still working. We have since “retired” and have grown with the Club. Avondale has always had an embracing quality. The people – We have developed lifetime friendships that transcend the times we are not here. The club employees – They are always amazingly friendly, caring and respectful. The golf course – It is a beautiful course, challenging but fair. We love it!

Avondale is a small club; a huge plus – easily joinable golf games every day for both ladies and guys of all abilities and comfort levels. Fantastic bar and food service with attention to special tastes. We wouldn’t go to any other club and it doesn’t have anything to do with affordability. Our quality of life means everything to us and Avondale has given us that quality!

Avondale is a very playable golf course. From our “Play it Forward” tees to the “Tips”, Avondale can be played and enjoyed by all levels of golfers. Want to play golf? Avondale has “games” everyday. Our “Warm Up” group, the Noon Group, Couples on Sunday and a lower handicap morning game. Bring your clubs and join in!
Jon & Donna Woodson (Members since 1999)

My wife and I have lived in the desert for over 14 years; some of these years were as "Snowbirds", and now finally as year round residents. Even though Avondale is not the only desert community we have lived in, we feel it best suits what we were looking for. We desired a community that had a diverse architectural mix of homes and landscaping, diverse demographics, (not a senior only community) and one that was on a private golf course. We found all of that here in Avondale, and we could not be happier! These "Snowbirds" have landed and nested, and everyday now, we are enjoying the beauty and joy of home-ownership at Avondale!

A big part of the joy we have here is that not only do we feel "home" when we drive through these gates; but a happiness that we have a community of wonderful friends and great neighbors. Meeting others as we enjoy watching (or participating ) in the weekly 'Horse Race' events, joining in the tournaments and couples golf offerings, or just walking out on the course during the late afternoon hours to play a few holes are just a few of the benefits we have found living on a private golf course.

A round of golf is typically less than four hours, tee times are always available. The entire staff at our club is extremely friendly and accommodating to golfers and non-golfers alike. The dining, and socials offered at the clubhouse makes us feel a part of a very special community. Avondale is a great private course - but includes a community that at its core cares about the continuance of making sure Avondale is here for future generations to enjoy. We have no hesitation at all recommending Avondale to friends who visit, and others we meet who are looking for a home in the desert.

What more can you ask for? We'll be sticking around here for the duration.
Rick & Pat Greaves (Members since 2011)

I made the permanent move to Avondale as a non-golfing widow. I wondered how I would fit in- not to worry. The ladies groups have been so welcoming. I enjoy the putting group, the book club, Taco Tuesday and Friday dinners at the Club. Lots of activities to take part, card groups, dog show, BBQ’s, painting class, Christmas golf cart parade and much more. Even if you don’t golf, I’m told the course is great, there’s no reason to stay home. Come join your neighbors and enjoy life at Avondale.
Deanna Eggers (Member since 2002)

When we found ourselves looking for something more than the public/semi-private golf experience, we checked out a few private clubs, but felt like outsiders at those clubs. Then we checked out Avondale.

We called and set up a round of golf to check out the facility. What blew us away was the friendly atmosphere everywhere we went. From the pro shop to the restaurant, throughout the entire club, everyone was so hospitable.

Avondale was what we were looking for; a “golf club” and the clincher was the fact that either of us had a game available every day of the week, i.e.; Toss-up, Choose-up, Noon group, Sundowners, Horseraces, you name it. Within a couple of months, we knew nearly every member at the club. Joining Avondale was the best decision we could have made, and after 24 years, we’re still here and loving it!
Jim & Sharon Bentzen (Members since 1991)